Nothing makes your feet look prettier than soft feet without calluses, and a beautifully administered pedicure at our Manhattan nail salons. With our large choice of professional pedicures, you’ll want to wear sandals all year long.

Regular Pedicure


Warm water moisturizing soak, cuticle repair, callous removal, buff, and polish.

French Pedicure


Toenails painted light pink, nude, or white, with bold white covering the toenail tip.

Change of polish


Get a quick touch-up of your pedicure polish.

Spa pedicure


Deep moisturizing mask, cuticle repair, callous removal, buff, and polish.

Spa pedicure with 10 min. reflexology


Soothing massage on pressure points, followed by spa pedicure.

Jelly Pedicure


Feet soaked in jelly-like fluid to hydrate, exfoliate, nourish and soothe.


Peppermint Sea Twist Pedicure


Peppermint oil stimulates and rejuvenates feet and toenails.

Sweet Green Tea & Silver Birch Spa Pedicure


Feet are soaked in green tea extract to revitalize dry skin while you breathe in relaxing aroma of birchwood.

Brazilian Styled Pedicure


A waterless treatment using specially lined feet “gloves” to moisturize your skin and strengthen your toenails.

Vinylux 9-Minute Dry No-Chip One Week Pedicure


No base coat needed. Durability of the toenail polish increases with natural light.




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(Please note that nail salon services may differ at our two locations)