Best Manicures in Manhattan, New York

We provide an extensive array of nail salon services for men and women in Manhattan, N.Y. using the finest products and the newest colors. Whether you want a traditional manicure or the latest OPI Gel, UV Gel, Shellac, or Vinylux No-Chip manicure, we have the professional manicurists who will give your nails the look and vibrancy you want.

European Lactol


This special cream moisturizes and strengthens your nails.

French Manicure


Light pink, nude or white nail beds with bold white nail tips.

Glue Manicure


With resin glue acting as a base coat, manicures last longer.

Buff Manicure


Well groomed nails without the polish.

Change of Polish


Get a quick touch-up of your manicure polish.

Brazilian Manicure


A waterless treatment using specially lined gloves to moisturize your skin and strengthen your nails.


Spa Manicure


Deep moisturizing mask for hands and nails prior to polishing.

Spa Manicure w/10 min. of Reflexology


Soothing massage on pressure points, followed by spa manicure.

Peppermint Sea Twist Manicure


Peppermint oil stimulates and rejuvenates hands and nails.

Sweet Green Tea & Silver Birch Spa Manicure


Soak in green tea extract to revitalize dry skin while breathing relaxing aroma of birchwood.

Vinylux 7-Day No-Chip Manicure


No base coat needed. Durability increases with natural light.



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(Please note that nail salon services may differ at our two locations)