Pedicures for Men

With all the punishment your feet take on a daily basis, taking care of your feet is a necessary part of personal grooming. Calluses build up, nails become broken and brittle, and skin becomes dry. We can take care of your feet, so that they will continue to take care of you.
We offer a variety of pedicures for men in Manhattan, New York, at our midtown and downtown locations.

Regular Pedicure for Men


A warm water-moisturizing footbath, followed by callus removal, cuticle repair, buffing, and optional polish.

Buff Pedicure for Men


Warm water foot soak, callus removal, cuticle repair, and buffed to a nice sheen with special buffer.

Spa Pedicure for Men


Deep moisturizing mask for feet and toenails followed by regular manicure.

Jelly Pedicure for Men


Feet soaked in jelly-like fluid to hydrate, exfoliate, nourish and soothe.

Brazilian Pedicure for Men


A waterless treatment using specially lined feet “gloves” to moisturize your skin and strengthen your toenails.






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(Please note that nail salon services may differ at our two locations)